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love advertising
good stories and 
nice ideas.


This is me

I am Friedrich. I am a copywriter from Frankfurt, a project manager from Hamburg and a banker from Vienna. Somehow I am a lot, but indeed hard to categorize. Let me show you, why I am very good at what I do nonetheless.

Content  Texts  Ideas
Project management 

 Strategy   Social Media

Account Management 

Think out of the box

What is the best thing about traveling ?

Right: discover new places. See things you didn't know before. And that's also what I love at work. I like creating a text from scratch. I like to learn something new. I like developing strategies and making them sellable at the same time. And I particularly like to summarize all of this under the umbrella of a suitable idea.
That's why it's so hard to put myself in a job drawer. What all the jobs I have done so far have in common: I have always stood for and fully supported what I do.


Do you wanna get to know me, hire me or just say hello? Then reach out to me and let's talk about something I didn't know yet!

What I am proud of.

I am proud that I do not regret a step in my life and that each chapter has produced results that I enjoy looking back on. Would you like to discover the best of them?

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